Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok - so I was going to try and do a sort of step-by-step as I painted this piece, but as you see, it didn't work out that way. I don't paint in a very orderly fashion like some people and then I don't remember to stop and take pictures at the appropriate times. Thus, there is no-step-by-step.
But here is "Moon's Daughter" all finished. I did it in oil on illustration board. I coated the surface of the board with gesso, then tinted the whole thing with blue and painted over that. I also didn't put any pointier elements like I said I was going to, namely because no one gave me any recommendations. And I was running out of time to complete the piece.
We had our final gallery show on June 14th, before we shut the brick and mortar for good. I sold this work to a friend of mine, so unfortunately it will be in my company intermittently throughout the rest of my life. Joy. Not that I hate this piece - it is certainly a departure from my usual work, so in that respect, it's a bit of a growth spurt and an accomplishment. However, I am sure as I get more mature, this little growth spurt will become something akin one's yearbook picture documenting some sort of horrific facial blemish , and I will probably resent it later. Or at least wish my friend would hang it in a less obvious location - like the closet.