Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inundating you with posts!!!

I hope I can make this a habit.  I hope that there's so much going on in my life that what I share with you, intrepid reader and die-hard encourager, is interesting, amusing, or some combination of terrifying and idiotic.
Like the RNC.  Oooops!
Diane Arbus - Child with Toy Hand Grenade

Anyway, I wanted to share what I have managed to do over the past year.  I am helping to organize a Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Gaming Convention here in Savannah called GnomeCon.  This is the brainchild of a very dear friend of mine, someone to whom I helped introduce the world of geekdom many many moons ago.

Very slowly my friend ensnared me to help her with small things - a logo, networking, marketing.  Then I got shanghaied to be on the Board.  Now, I am Secretary.  But that's ok.

We had our first con in April 2012.  It went extremely well; the turn-out was double our expectations and everyone said they had a great time.  The Board of GnomeCon couldn't be more chuffed.

Which is why we're certain GnomeCon 2013 will be even better.  We're trying to get artist/director/writer/actor Larry Blamire to be our official Guest of Honor (GoH).  Larry could potentially have a con unto himself being that he's such a prolific creator and is an extremely funny and talented human being.  I would definitely attend LaBlaCon if there was such a thing.

If you've never heard of this guy - geez....you're totally missing out.  Here are some links to check out:

Larry's Art
Stuff About Larry
More Stuff About Larry
One of Larry's cinematic masterpieces!
I am a really hugish fan of this guy if it's not already apparent.  The fact that he was taught art by someone who was a second generation student of Howard Pyle is enough to blow my mind.

Anyway, if we can get Larry as a GoH I am really not sure how much better GnomeCon can get except to continue to grow.  We'll probably have to build our own facility after awhile since Savannah doesn't afford much in the way of proper space for a con.  This was the most frustrating part about hosting the event - finding adequate space.  Cons require a lot of real estate - especially with gaming being the backbone of GnomeCon.  Big draws to cons are also the dealer's room and the art show, both of which require lots of space.

Incidentally - GC 2013 will mark our first art show!  Please go to GnomeCon Home where you can find out more info about the art show and also see what we're all about. 

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