Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I saw over the weekend...

I saw this brilliant piece over the weekend.  It's part of a traveling exhibition from the Talladega College's murals that were part of commission by the artist, Hale Woodruff.

This exhibit is sensational and not only documents little known historical moments in American history, but also showcases a huge talent.  That he's African American only makes his work even more amazing and how the artist gained prominence and rose to recognition at time when the civil rights movement wasn't even an idea is inspiring.

What's interesting about the murals in particular is that the artist drew heavily on Mexican art , drawing on the dynamics and bold color so often found in the art of that time and location.

They've been beautifully restored so the color is vibrant and seemingly painted with in the past year, never mind the past century.

What I found most fascinating were his linoleum and wood cut prints, some depicting the gruesome and barbaric nature of lynching.

"Returning Home"


If you're in the Atlanta area - I highly recommend going to see this exhibit.  It was more than a treat.

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