Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why am I up this early...?

Titus, my cat, woke me up this morning.  He'd been out patrolling his "'hood" and apparently was extremely famished after chasing away the potential threats to his territory.  He'd been let in as Jason was on his way to work - at 6:30.  On a Saturday.  Not cool.

Titus in his natural state.
Titus is a rescue cat, more than likely part Maine Coon if not full, based on his size and several distinctive characteristics.  I will know better come winter provided it's cold enough and his winter coat comes in.  We live in Georgia and it's still pretty hot.

According to the papers I received when I picked him up at Pet Supermarket, he was spayed after he'd reached adulthood, so subsequently his head is massive and his neck and shoulders give the impression he's a heavy for the kitty Mafia.  We affectionately nicknamed him Jughead.

I don't know who owned Titus before animal control got a hold of him, but I suspect they were probably older, perhaps male, and let him have full run of the house.  He was a jump on the counter/table/food prep area kind of cat, if you know what I mean, but since coming to live with us he understands this isn't acceptable behavior in our house, so he's stopped lounging on the coffee table and being a general nuisance in the kitchen.

When we first got him he was fairly quiet and apart from the coffee table and counter issues, the territory marking in the bedrooms, the ear mites, and the tapeworms, he was a pretty laid back cat, no trauma, no latent psychosis, no behavioral issues.  Seriously, this cat acts as though he'd lived here his whole life.  No one's a stranger and he doesn't seem to care who it is, he will follow everyone into the kitchen.

Lights are no deterrent from a proper nap.
However as the weeks went by, we discovered that Titus actually talks a lot.  And he is very very loud.  Because, why?  Because he was spayed in April and because that's one of the traits of Maine Coons.  They are vocal.  Yay.

I can hear him when he's terrorizing another cat on the next street.  I can hear him at the back door when I'm in my room with the door closed.  When he's in the hallway and is not sure where I am, he lets everyone in the neighborhood know.  He has no concept of "inside voice".  Or shhhh.  Or "Would you shut the hell up already?".

While Titus has a very distinct personality which is pretty much flopping wherever he is in danger of getting trampled thereby providing whomever is in his vicinity the to opportunity to give him attention, he loves loves loves reusable shopping bags.  He plays with them, lays on them or in them, and generally enjoys the hell out of them.  Cheapest cat toy I have next to the catnip banana which he also enjoys.

What I wish I was doing right now.
By and large though, Titus has proven to be an awesome and utterly cool cat.  My son adores him.  I adore him.  Mostly.  When he's not getting me up at 6:30 in the morning.

Guess I'll go make some breakfast.

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